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Welcome to INFO

Instituto de Fomento de la Región de Murcia - INFO - is the name of Murcia's Regional Development Agency. The main objective of INFO is to boost the development of SMEs in Murcia by means of economic promotion, investment raising, elimination of obstacles and the establishment of an environment favoring competitiveness.

One of the main objectives of the development agency is to ensure the upgrading and economic growth of regional SMEs by means of the following lines of work:

  • Promote technological development by cooperating to ensure that each company can access the technology that best suits its needs.
  • Boost international corporate expansion through the Foreign Trade Promotion Plan.
  • Promote investment, development and enlargement projects by providing companies inside and outside the region with information, consultancy and counseling services.
  • Help finance business projects concerning investment in assets, quality, technology, internationalization and industrial equipment.